3 Salons of HAYATO SALON group which are located in NewYork head office, Tokyo and London have bilingual stylists. The stylists can speak both English and Japanese language. They are expert in hairstyling. HAYATO SALONS is a group of premiere salon!


HAYATO ACADEMY, expanded in New York head office, Tokyo Branch, London branch, the three major beauty cities in the world. HAYATO SALONS (HAYATO BESIDE INTERNATIONAL INC. / Headquarters NY) students join the company and hope to level up their skills and capabilities. Japanese hairdresser who believes that he can be a hairdresser abroad and to learn the beauty techniques in other countries. In order for them to learn the practical way, the curriculum offers English class and conversation with foreign models.

In addition, the applicant will be able to experience visiting the salon branches in other countries. There are also training and lessons to be performed in New York and London branch.
The first purpose is to develop the talents of a Japanese beautician. We want to give and contribute a high-quality service to the world. We want to be and we are committed to the empowerment of a Japanese beautician.


NY, London, Tokyo, from the three major cities in the world to Hakone. It is away from the hustle and bustle life in the city, together with the harmony and nature in Hakone forest, it is like a reborn for a new you. And enjoy the best hospitality given by HAYATO SALONS.