The beauty qualification in the United States, and that called the "Cosmetology".
It is all generic names about the beauty such as hair, makeup, the nail.

The cosmetology qualifying examination is carried out by each state of the United States and is divided into a subject and a practical skill like a beautician arrest examination of Japan.
This is passed to both studies, it is called "Cosmetologist" a person who was able to obtain the qualification of the beautician.

By this New York Cosmetology License acquisition program that can get the eligibility requirements for an examination of "the New York beautician license (Cosmetology) ".
I attend a 1000-hour practical skill class and the class by the instructor of Hayato BeSide Academy in a partner school and take an entrance examination for Cosmetology License of New York after an authorized examination pass.

I can combine each plan of international group stylist upbringing to be carried out in New York with New York beautician license acquisition program.

More than one year
At first I establish a period by consultation and become the determination of expense.

[Iincluded in the expense]
Interpreter costs during stay costs, practical skill class costs, license application charges, license examination fee, teaching materials costs, a storing bag, a subject text, a practical skill text, an examination, orientation expense, United States beauty kit (scissors / wig / comb / pin / roller / cut cross / cape cross)

[Not included in the expense]
Visit to the United States expense, medical examination expense, airport pickup

Question is 100 questions in total, one question is selected from among the four.
It is an examination by English, but the examination in Japanese is possible basically, too.

*Test date in English or Japanese, it will vary with the American holiday.

Using a mannequin, I carry out following ten items before the time limit of each item.

【demonstration of the technique】
・ Haircut technology (50 minutes)
・ Blow-dry styling technology (20 minutes)
・ Thermal curling iron technology - Using electrical Marcel iron (20 minutes)
・ The upper part (ten minutes) of roller placement - head
・ Permanent wave - left side (ten minutes)
・ The diagonal pin curling / C shaping - right side (ten minutes)
・ The finger waving - back of the head (ten minutes)

【Chemical Service】
・ Aluminum foil simulation - right front region (15 minutes)
・ Hair color simulation (retouch) - Right rear part (ten minutes)
・ Chemical re-structure ring (virgin) - left front part / (retouch) - left rear part (25 minutes)

Examination day two months ago
Application of an application and the student visa to studying abroad & examination course
Examination day one month ago
Decision of the subject examination schedule
(I make a voyage along the schedule of the subject examination decided by New York and arrange it. )
Visit to the United States
After arrival at New York, it is orientation in HAYATO-NY salon
Under a stay
Morning - English language school
Afternoon - beauty school
After the practical skill class of 1,000 hours, I take an entrance examination for the subject examination (Japanese) of New York Cosmetology License
Subject examination two weeks later
Subject test result announcement (I can confirm it on the Internet. )
Successful candidate -> two months later, a practical examination
unsuccessful candidate -> two weeks later, subject examination retry.
Returning home
I return home after a practical examination

Introducing an experience-based diary of Ryuta who studied abroad by "a studying in New York beauty school program" for one year.

Visa application

The application documents of the visa are changed having been going to study abroad after graduation from high school immediately just before that, and a required document changes repeatedly.
... that it was the end of May that I got a visa after all

The New York first day

Departure in Japan.
What and breath or trouble occurrence. The incident that the departure of the airplane is late for four hours. As the use airline was Continental Airlines, it is come by "Newark Airport" in New Jersey. I go directly to one and the apartment of the meeting. The room is a room share. I send an email to a Japanese family and friend at once.

The New York second day

I learned necessary information toward the charge in various ways.
It is a beginning of New York life.

The New York fifth day

Orientation starts at 9:15 a.m.
Though I did not understand English, I managed it.
The teacher pushed it forward so far as a lot of Japanese entered it without minding it.

The New York sixth day

Class start.
As there was the teacher who could speak Japanese, he/she supported it in various ways.
The place that I did not know could be settled and felt relieved so far.

New York two weeks after

As English was the level that I only studied at school, I thought what happens first, but realize that the posture that is more aggressive than words is important.
"I am used than I learn it".
The class where seven countries are international as for the classmate.

The New York ninth month

Put a 9-month class away safely without being absent from a school on 1st, and diploma (certificate) was conferred.
When I finish an established curriculum and pass an examination, I get this.
In addition, I was commended as a classman.

After beauty school graduation

After beauty school graduation, I went back to Japan at one time, but it is gone to the United States again to the United States to take an entrance examination for the cosmetology (New York beautician license) examination. I take an entrance examination for the subject examination in Japanese.